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Character names have been reserved, the guild name has been reserved, the server has been picked and the hoverboards are fully charged. The wait is over, WildStar launches in 24 hours, let’s get this show on the road!

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We have been preparing for this for quite some time – never underestimating the task it would be to assemble a Danish 40-man raiding guild. We started recruiting a while back and the last 3 months have been quite exciting, with so many people rallying under the Lokes List banner. With our current 200 Danish WildStar members, we feel we’ve laid the foundations for a solid and successful launch while maximizing our chances of getting started on raids fairly quickly post-launch. The goal is of course to do 40-man raiding as soon as possible.

lokes list wildstar server list

As for now we will be playing on the European PvP server “Hazak”, the reason why we’re phrasing it like this is the fact that Carbine has only made this single PvP server for English speaking guilds on the European realms. Quite frankly we are worried about the login queues and stability seeing that 80% of all European guilds are picking this server as their initial server. We hope that Carbine are on top of this and the server can take it, because this has the potential to be a major fail in regards to ensuring a smooth launch of WildStar. With this said Hazak definitely looks like the place to be when it comes to top raiding guilds and we’re very excited to see so many familiar faces from especially WoW on the server guild list.


We will still be recruiting through launch as we’re always looking for good players for our raid group, although there will be a brief period where we won’t be able to process all of the applications coming in. We like to be thorough when processing applications which takes time, time we won’t have during launch, as we will be playing WildStar (oh yeah!). For more info on recruitment check out the forum.

To our members and anyone else reading along and planning to play WildStar we wish everyone a good launch – may you never encounter the need to wait for respawns!

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