With the Free 2 Play launch of WildStar coming up, here is a hot-off-the-press update on Lokes List raiding and our recruitment status, for returning and new players.



Since the beginning of September Lokes List has been (8/9) bosses in DataScape, but we prefer to call it 10/15. Datascape is the 2nd tier of raiding in the current raid content of WildStar, and at the end of each of the three wings in DataScape, there is an “elemental pair” encounter. Each of the three pairs can spawn in three possible elemental combinations. We cleared the last of the three wings on September 3rd, killing the Water/Air combination, which officially is called 8/9 in the WildStar raiding community, as this kill gives access to the last boss in DataScape, Avatus. Spellslinger healing and Stalker DPS POV of the Water/Air kill below.




However, to get access to Avatus on a regular basis, you need to be able to kill (more or less) all possible elemental pair combinations, and some are a lot harder than others. Lokes List has not killed all elemental pair combos that spawn randomly, so there’s still plenty of action to take part in. So when counting each elemental pair combination as a boss (which it is), Lokes List is “only” 10/15. Should Avatus go down, there’s also an even harder boss-in-a-box waiting to progress on outside of DataScape, so we’re not out of content to do any time soon.




Which leads us to the Lokes List raiding status. With the incoming Free 2 Play launch tomorrow September 29th, Lokes List will be interested in recruiting players that show the right mindset and skill to be part of our raiding community. Part of that mindset is about maximizing what we achieve with our fairly low raiding time, 9 hours a week based on 2 raid nights a week. That means that you come prepared, you prioritize the raid days over other activities and you can stay focused in that time while still having fun.


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As many joiners might not have experience playing WildStar, we’ll focus on your ability to learn quickly and master your class – gear is easy to come by, skill is not. Raids are Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 19.30-23.30 (Danish time, GMT+2). All classes are welcome but we are lowest on Spellslingers, Engineers and Espers as it is right now. If you’re unsure if WildStar is for you, join as a casual, get some sweet guild levelling up perks and be part of the community – as long as you’re 18+. You can always contact/whisper “Lumen Slist”, “Bell Ante”, “Lady Gaga” or “Phrozen Wastes” for a chat about joining the guild or ask anyone in Lokes List about us, and we’ll get back to you.


We look forward to seeing you in-game!

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