Who Are We?

In December 2012 we stumbled upon Wildstar, which sparked our interest due to Carbine consisting of people who had previously worked on a range of classic MMO titles, giving Lokes List high hopes for the quality and difficulty of Wildstar.

We initially joined the game at launch, and cleared GA in September. Datascape and the logistic nightmare hit us soon after, which combined with the game’s many issues, ultimately led to many of us leaving, but still with a wish of returning one day.

Now we’re back, and looking for a few select quality members to join our ranks.

As many joiners might not have experience playing WildStar, we’ll focus on your ability to learn quickly and master your class – gear is easy to come by, skill is not.

Raids are Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 19.30-23.30 (Danish time, GMT+2).

All classes are welcome but we are lowest on Esper and stalker dps as it is right now, mid October 2015 (poke us if we haven’t updated this). If you’re unsure if WildStar is for you, join as a casual, get some sweet guild levelling up perks and be part of the community – as long as you’re 18+. You can always contact/whisper “Lumen Slist”, “Bell Ante”, or “Phrozen Wastes” for a chat about joining the guild or ask anyone in Lokes List about us, and we’ll get back to you.


What is it like to play in Lokes List, and what can you expect from us?

• We have 2 raid days a week. Tuesday and Thursday from 19:30-23:30 CET. Occasionally we have a Sunday raid, should it make sense for progression. .
• We raid with a semi-hardcore mindset. Meaning that we don’t raid 5 days a week as other hardcore guilds, but the quality and commitment of our members is on a similar level, with a much lighter raid schedule. That means we raid smart, and require our players to be as prepared as humanly possible on tactics, buffs and class roles for fights, to maximize the limited time we have available
• During raids and progression we keep it serious. With our 2 raid days a week we keep it fast paced and waste minimal time. We share a laugh as other people, but we also know when to keep our game faces on.
• We have a fair loot council, based on individual performance and attendance, with the overall goal of boosting the guild and its progression.
• Outside of raids we have fun on TS/guildchat and help each other with glory farming, attuning alts, etc. Some of our members also have fun in other games outside of Wildstar
• Lokes List was originally of Danish origin. We still mainly have Danish members, so expect Danish to be spoken at times. During raids and progression we will keep it strictly English of course.


What are we looking for?

• Previous MMO experience is very appreciated, the harder boss kill results the better.
• High Attendance. We raid 2-3 days a week and keep a small but stable roster. You’re expected to have at least 90% attendance.
• You’re expected to be mechanically skilled, as wildstar is a mechanical/reaction based game (vs WoW, which is much more about anticipating/knowing where to stand when). Mistakes can be made, the important part is to learn from them.
• Strong knowledge of your class is expected to be acquired, and thriving for perfecting your class and its abilities.
• You must have a working microphone for TS and be fluent in your written and spoken English.
• You’re required to have a decent PC and connection.
• Be 18+ of age, with a sense of humor and personality.


Officers and contacts regarding Wildstar are currently:
Lumen Slist
Bell Ante
Phrozen Wastes
You are more than welcome to contact us in-game if you have any questions, otherwise feel free to drop us an application here: http://www.lokeslist.dk/forum/viewforum.php?f=31