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Monday evening we ventured into the Genetic Archives Act 2 to have another go at Phage Maw. We managed to get him down, giving us a server 7th and world 32nd position on him, which we are quite proud of.


phage maw lokes list

Last reset we ended our Monday raid early because of Phage Maw bugging and us not having time to both clear trash again and get more solid tries on him. This time we had managed to clear everything up to Phage Maw on our Thursday raid, giving us plenty of time to practice on him. We did bug once towards the second half of the raids and we were forced to exit, reset the instance AND clear trash again. All this is of course happily forgotten now that we got the kill, but still, pretty annoying bug.


Below is the kill video with stalker dps point of view, with a couple of easter eggs and lol at the end, enjoy!


Some weeks back we took down Kuralak as well, video of the kill is here:


This brings us to 3 out of 6 down in the Genetic Archives which we feel is quite an achievement with just two raids per week, good job guys, good job!


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