Here be dragons – World of Warcraft

So at the launch of World of Warcraft Legion we kind of decided to get the boys together for another go at this old and sturdy MMO. We had no… Read more »

Welcome to Lokes List!

Lokes List was founded around the release of World of Warcraft back in 2004 as a pure Danish raiding guild and continued to exist within the game until 2009. We have since then been active in various different MMOs but nothing ever quite stuck as WoW did. We are now focusing on Wildstar and have been playing the game since early beta phases. The site is written in English for visitor convenience even though the official and used language within Lokes List is Danish.

small phage maw lokes list blank

Monday evening we ventured into the Genetic Archives Act 2 to have another go at Phage Maw. We managed to get him down, giving us a server 7th and world 32nd position on him, which we are quite proud of.


phage maw lokes list

Last reset we ended our Monday raid early because of Phage Maw bugging and us not having time to both clear trash again and get more solid tries on him. This time we had managed to clear everything up to Phage Maw on our Thursday raid, giving us plenty of time to practice on him. We did bug once towards the second half of the raids and we were forced to exit, reset the instance AND clear trash again. All this is of course happily forgotten now that we got the kill, but still, pretty annoying bug.


Below is the kill video with stalker dps point of view, with a couple of easter eggs and lol at the end, enjoy!


Some weeks back we took down Kuralak as well, video of the kill is here:


This brings us to 3 out of 6 down in the Genetic Archives which we feel is quite an achievement with just two raids per week, good job guys, good job!

lokes list ironman two

Many of our members were fairly quick at getting the leveling part done seeing quite a few hitting level 50 even during the head start/before the actual launch on the 3rd of June. Now we’ve finished with the attunement and have commenced raiding, the joy!

lokes list veteran realm first

During the first week we managed to get a realm first on the Malgrave adventure, we could possible have gotten some more of these had we actually gone for em’, seeing that the most important part in getting these achievements was having people at level 50 quickly, which we had, so much epeen and bragging rights gone lost…

lokes list wildstar dansk x89 down


After three resets post-launch we had 20+ people ready and attuned for the Genetic Archives 20 man raiding dungeon – off we went. We had prepared quite a lot for these raids, but never tried them during the beta, so our expectations where mixed. After some of the standard wipes on trash we got the the first couple of minibosses down, and ended up wiping an hour or so on X-89 the first evening. On our second evening we down’ed X-89 after a couple of hours, adding up to around 3 hours total spent on him and a world kill position of 32, very well played guys! Videos of the kills below, stalker and warrior DPS pov.



Straf, one of our medic healers streamed our raids and you can see each kill on the following links, including VoIP:

Malformed Mutant

Genetic Monstrosity

Experiment X-89

Gravitron Operator


As always we are still looking for more raiders for our roster so we can get a second 20man team on the road and get the necessary people ready and attuned for 40man raiding, see you on Nexus!

lokes list wildstar dansk danish guild launch

Character names have been reserved, the guild name has been reserved, the server has been picked and the hoverboards are fully charged. The wait is over, WildStar launches in 24 hours, let’s get this show on the road!

lokes list wildstar going live

We have been preparing for this for quite some time – never underestimating the task it would be to assemble a Danish 40-man raiding guild. We started recruiting a while back and the last 3 months have been quite exciting, with so many people rallying under the Lokes List banner. With our current 200 Danish WildStar members, we feel we’ve laid the foundations for a solid and successful launch while maximizing our chances of getting started on raids fairly quickly post-launch. The goal is of course to do 40-man raiding as soon as possible.

lokes list wildstar server list

As for now we will be playing on the European PvP server “Hazak”, the reason why we’re phrasing it like this is the fact that Carbine has only made this single PvP server for English speaking guilds on the European realms. Quite frankly we are worried about the login queues and stability seeing that 80% of all European guilds are picking this server as their initial server. We hope that Carbine are on top of this and the server can take it, because this has the potential to be a major fail in regards to ensuring a smooth launch of WildStar. With this said Hazak definitely looks like the place to be when it comes to top raiding guilds and we’re very excited to see so many familiar faces from especially WoW on the server guild list.


We will still be recruiting through launch as we’re always looking for good players for our raid group, although there will be a brief period where we won’t be able to process all of the applications coming in. We like to be thorough when processing applications which takes time, time we won’t have during launch, as we will be playing WildStar (oh yeah!). For more info on recruitment check out the forum.

To our members and anyone else reading along and planning to play WildStar we wish everyone a good launch – may you never encounter the need to wait for respawns!