Here be dragons – World of Warcraft

So at the launch of World of Warcraft Legion we kind of decided to get the boys together for another go at this old and sturdy MMO. We had no… Read more »

Welcome to Lokes List!

Lokes List was founded around the release of World of Warcraft back in 2004 as a pure Danish raiding guild and continued to exist within the game until 2009. We have since then been active in various different MMOs but nothing ever quite stuck as WoW did. We are now focusing on Wildstar and have been playing the game since early beta phases. The site is written in English for visitor convenience even though the official and used language within Lokes List is Danish.


Summer is over (more or less) and it’s time for a well overdue update on the situation that is, us killing stuff in WildStar. We managed to get through the summer with a only a few cancelled raids and even managed to get some progress squeezed in.



On the 18th of June we got our first Gloomclaw kill which is one of the more notorious encounters in DS with quite a few of mechanics to master and many individually dependent assignments. The encounter is nor more or less on farm by now and or sights have been set on the following Elemental Pair Encounters. A video of a recent kill can seen in the below from a healer spellslinger POV.




Last night on the 25th of August we defeated the Life/Logic pair which to be honest didn’t prove to be such an obstacle. We have had a couple of hours on the encounter on an earlier reset which combined with a couple more on the 25th turned out to be enough. We are very much looking forward for some of the other Pairs and of course we are hoping to stand before the feared Avatus soon. Below are two videos from the kill.


Life/Logic SS healer POV:


Life/Logic Stalker Tank POV:

Wildstar Lokes List Maelstrom 20 man kill

Last night we got yet another Datascape 20 kill by downing Maelstrom, fun fight and people learned it quickly and performed well the whole evening. It was of course on the last try of the evening at 23:30 o’clock that we got the actual kill, classic…

Lokes List Maelstrom Kill WildStar Guild Danish

If you want to have a look and listen to the actual kill go check out SturlaJons VOD on his twitch channel which is stalker tank POV. It includes the VoIP chatting, mind the rather tired/exhausted geek cheer at the end *wooohooo*! Rakii also mad a super boring video of him playing spellslinger healer on the fight, mind the extremely boring soundtrack, great if you’re having problems falling asleep *woho…zzZzZZz* Once again, well played people, keep it up!

SD Slider #2

Ohmna went down in September 2014 and since then we’ve been busy busy, just not so much in WildStar. Now we’re back though, ready to take names and shoot down bosses in the 20man version of Datascape! So what have we been doing? Hmm where to start…

SD Grp pic

We downed Ohman three times in total during the last iteration of “Lokes List in WildStar” before giving up hopes of running DS 40man ourselves. We joined Our Sick Story and managed to down the 40man version of System Daemons with their raid team (around 5-6 Lokes List guys on the kill team). You can check out the video here. It was great playing with the guys in OSS and we will always appreciate the manner in which we were taken into the guild and raid roster. Nevertheless, the feeling of getting SD in a pure Lokes List was great, we did this on Thursday the 30th of April 2015.


The impression of DataScape 40man was a mixed one. The encounters and the sheer magnitude of playing 40man raid was in many ways “epic”, but issues we knew from GA regarding loot along with A LOT of lag made the gameplay unparable. The WildStar community was facing major fatigue at the time, with a lot of guilds dying/merging in efforts to do 40man content, server migrations and a general decline in the player base. All this added up to quite a painful time in WildStar towards the end of 2014, and with WoD and a SWTOR expansion right around the corner, a lot of people were getting ready to shift MMO.



Changes were slowly implemented and by early 2015 we started contemplating on coming back to the game. Major changes that made it appealing were the general gear and rune changes, which made it rewarding to get drops (wauw…) As an example one could mention that 80% of the gear people were wearing on Ohmna were still craftable gear you could wear the second you hit level 50, simply because epic drops were so badly designed. Another major change was the shift away from 40man content to the more sustainable 20man model.



People started to come back to the game during March and April 2015 and by end of April a “call to arms” was initiated to see if enough people would be interested in reforming Lokes List and take on DataScape 20. On April 21st we had our first Lokes List raid, which featured a revisit to the Genetic Archives just to get things started. On Thursday the 30th of April we killed System Daemons and on Sunday the 3rd of May we got Lattice, Limbo and the Frost Wing cleared. So now we’re a 3/9 DS guild, yay!