Wildstar Lokes List Maelstrom 20 man kill

Last night we got yet another Datascape 20 kill by downing Maelstrom, fun fight and people learned it quickly and performed well the whole evening. It was of course on the last try of the evening at 23:30 o’clock that we got the actual kill, classic…

Lokes List Maelstrom Kill WildStar Guild Danish

If you want to have a look and listen to the actual kill go check out SturlaJons VOD on his twitch channel¬†which is stalker tank POV. It¬†includes the VoIP chatting, mind the rather tired/exhausted geek cheer at the end *wooohooo*! Rakii also mad a super boring video of him playing spellslinger healer on the fight, mind the extremely boring soundtrack, great if you’re having problems falling asleep *woho…zzZzZZz* Once again, well played people, keep it up!

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