Lokes List is currently looking for members for WildStar among those already in beta, those wishing to join the beta and those planning on buying the game.


We will continue to work on getting as many of our members as we can into the beta. The plan is to be a 40man raiding guild in WildStar so we’re looking for quite a few extra people to join our ranks, you can more about Lokes List in WildStar on our forum and apply by following this link.

A month ago we made a post on dailyrush.dk looking for people to give some beta keys that we had in reserve. The response was overwhelming and we ended out giving out over 25 keys to people who wanted to try out the beta. We would like to take the opportunity to thank those who showed interest and took the time to apply for a key through out site, it has been great to see share our interest for the game with you guys! We are currently 40+ members in the beta and will continue our effort in making the guild ready for raiding 40 man content when the game finally launches. Currently we don’t know what server we will end up on, all we know is that we’ll be playing Dominion on a PvP server in retail. We will do what we can to try and coordinate our server choice with other danish guilds and communities if possible, as we like to do our part in trying to create a solid danish community around WildStar. If you’re interested in joining go visit our forum and check out more about Lokes List or if you need to contact us, grab a hold of Lumen, Bellante or Elaijtslol via our forums.

Ever wondered how it sounds when Lokes List raid? See/hear us on the following videos. The first one is one of our Kephess SWTOR wipes (Viper never got around to do a video of our actual kill, slacker..):

Listen was one of the guilds consisting of numerous Lokes List members that continued in WoW well after the guild was closed within the game back in 2009. Here’s a video of their Ragnaros kill with the teamspeak audio included:

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