Lokes List is booting up for a go at the new WildStar MMO! The game is currently set to release during spring 2014, and we’re hoping that many of you would like to join us on this intergalactic adventure.

lokes list wildstar

We have strong hopes from WildStar which seems to have a company behind it that knows the importance of a complete game, hence a game which also has something to do when you hit max level.

Since we officially closed down Lokes List in World of Warcraft back in 2009, we’ve been battling it out in various other games. We tried Star Wars : The Old Republic (SWTOR), a very entertaining game, which unfortunately failed to provide a solid endgame that could stimulate us enough to keep going. We also had a brief and horrible affair with the Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter MMO, which ended very quickly, the game had no intelligent endgame what so ever, she sure was pretty though! Some of the old Lokes List members continued playing WoW after the disband back in 2009 under new guild tags with close relations to the Lokes List name (fx Listen) up until today. We hope to gather up all of our scattered forces and have a ton of fun with this new epic space adventure that is Wildstar! Whether you’ve played with us previously or this is the first time you bump into Lokes List, head over to our Forum to read a bit more about our plans with Wildstar and what you can do to be a part of it!

And now for a couple of videos from back in the day….

SWTOR end boss, which quite frankly was an okay fight on the design side, despite being a bit buggy at times:

Kil’Jaeden first kill 21/9-2008:

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