Lately we’ve made sure to shoot some video material when doing veteran (level 50) dungeons in the closed beta which so far has resulted in the two following clips.

lokes list dansk wildstar guild stormtalon kel voreth

Veteran mode is unlocked when you reach level 50 and enables you to run through the 5man content on a harder level for pre-raiding loot and experience. Encounters are enhanced in difficulty not only by the increase in level but also have a numberĀ of new abilities added to them in order to make the encounter stand out when compared to the normal version.

The first clip is from the dungeon Kel Voreth which you first encounter on the Dominion side around level 20. Here we fight against the second boss you encounter in the instance, Slavemaster Drokk:

The second video is from Stormtalon’s Lair, the Exile counterpart to Kel Voreth at level 20. The clip shows how we defeat Stormtalon himself, which is the final boss in the instance:

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