So at the launch of World of Warcraft Legion we kind of decided to get the boys together for another go at this old and sturdy MMO. We had no planned intentions on going #hardcore or even #semihardcore to begin with, the plan was simple, create Lokes List in WoW again, start leveling and see how many turned up. Eventually it became evident that we had more than plenty to start some raiding and now we’re here!


Currently we’re 4/7 down in Emerald Nightmare Mythic and 3/3 heroic ToV, all is good! If you’re up for some phun and games hitting on stuff and eventually killing it, feel free to contact us in game og via our forum. Here are a bunch of videos with VoIP – enjoy!


Nythendra Mythic Emerald Nightmare:


Ursoc Mythic Emerald Nightmare:


Renferal Mythic Emerald Nightmare:


Dragons of Nightmare:


Helya Heroic ToV

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