Summer is over (more or less) and it’s time for a well overdue update on the situation that is, us killing stuff in WildStar. We managed to get through the summer with a only a few cancelled raids andĀ even managed to get some progress squeezed in.



On the 18th of June we got our first Gloomclaw kill which is one of the more notorious encounters in DS with quite a few of mechanics to master and many individually dependent assignments. The encounter is nor more or less on farm by now and or sights have been set on the following Elemental Pair Encounters. A video of a recent kill can seen in the below from a healer spellslinger POV.




Last night on the 25th of August we defeated the Life/Logic pair which to be honest didn’t prove to be such an obstacle. We have had a couple of hours on the encounter on an earlier reset which combined with a couple more on the 25th turned out to be enough. We are very much looking forward for some of the other PairsĀ and of course we are hoping to stand before the feared Avatus soon. Below are two videos from the kill.


Life/Logic SS healer POV:


Life/Logic Stalker Tank POV:

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