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A Tiny Rat's social Application

Postby TinyRat » 10 Nov 2015, 01:56


My name is Fredrik and i'm a 36 years old man, child if you ask my wife, from Sweden looking for a social spot on Lokes List roster.
I've been playing Wildstar for a couple of months now after finally dropping ten years of WoW behind me.
After goofing around whit various low levels toons i finally found something i like in my Chua engineer, named Tiny Rat, which i have mastered to the impressive lvl of 27 as of now.

Guess there isn't much else to say for now except for thank's in advance. /Tiny Rat
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Re: A Tiny Rat's social Application

Postby Bellante » 12 Nov 2015, 14:57

Hi mr Rat,

do a /who lokes in game, and see if you can catch either Bell Ante, Lumen Slist, Lady Gaga or Phrozen Wastes online for a quick chat on TS and guild invite, and if none of those are online, then just whisper anyone that IS online and ask for an officer :)
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