On Monday the 25th we downed The Phageborn Convergence with the combination Golgox, Esroth, Noxmind and Vratog for the first time. After the reset we got them again, this time with Golgox, Noxmind, Vratog and Terax. We are now 5/6 and gunning for that Ohmna kill.


A video of our first kill can be found below with Stalker DPS and Spellslinger healer POV:


A most tragic wipe from the night we got them the second time, not funny!



On Monday the 11th we had our second night on the Phagetech Prototypes and managed to bring them down. This puts us at 4 out of 6 bosses down in the Genetic Archives and steadily on our way for full clear and 40 man raiding in the near future.   Watch the pretty kill video, POV is our Spellslinger healer Rakii, enjoy!

  We are currently working on getting a second 20-man raid on the road, if you’re interested in raiding in WildStar and Lokes List looks like a guild for you, check out our recruitment section.