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Avatus down! After a tough reset with a Life/Logic pair needing to be re-downed before gaining access to Avatus, we were unsure as to whether or not we would get enough progress time on Avatus to actually get him this reset, thankfully we rocked!


Lokes List Avalon Avatus clean Kill shot

The life/logic elemental pair, post F2P-patch, was the last pair we needed to down, and with a lot of guilds having a hard time with the pair, the pressure was on to get it downed and onward with the Avatus progress. Tuesdays raid on the 17th of November went okay, and we only had two pair’s left for ThursdayOn Thursday 19th we quickly got (Water/Fire) down and after 16 wipes, Life/Logic was downed as well. Good job guys!


Lokes List avatus avalon kill


Avatus, called Avalon in Lokes List for some reason, was now the only obstacle left in Datascape, and we had two hours left on Thursday to take him out. On our 9th and last pull on the evening at 23:23, we managed to get him into the last phase for the first time ever and downed him. Getting Avatus was a huge relief; Not that the Avatus fight itself was such a hard fight when compared to the rest of the instance, but completing Datascape has for many of us been the goal since returning to WildStar. Progressing in Datascape has been quite a journey for a lot of us, with many iterations of it; starting with the 40man version then the 20man vanilla version and finally the F2P 20man version, and numerous trialists and weird vanishers from the roster among the way, while the core stayed strong.


Kill video:


For everyone who’s been on for the ride through Datascape, good job! A special thanks goes to those who’ve been grinding at this game almost since release with Lokes List – We have quite a few on our Avatus kill who were also present on our first X-89 kill in Genetic Archives, and even more who were on the Ohmna kill. Playing and winning the game with the same good people is the reason we do this, thank you guys! For all those who have joined us during the course of Datascape, thank you, without you we would not have been able to complete this part of the game!


What next? Well, we still need to farm Avatus a bit for them “pinkies”, gear, fun and eventually; we’ll start looking at Augmenters hardmode (boss-in-a-box). HOPEFULLY Carbine get’s their **** together and will release the Red Moon Terror raid at some point!

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